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Pictured Rocks

PR_LOGO_v3 wideOwned by Thomas Funke, author of

“50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula”

Ride with those that know the trail! We’ll help you plan your trip! Contact us seven days a week!
We are a private company that receives no federal, state, or local tax support for our operations.

Why take the bus when you can ride with us!

Serving Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
and all of Alger, Delta, and Schoolcraft Counties

General Information (good stuff to know):
  • The most frequently asked question: “Do you pick up and/or drop off at all the trailheads”.  Answer: Why, yes. Yes we do. If it is a trailhead, we’ll go there. There, I just saved you a phone call!
  • If we don’t have reservations, we don’t run the shuttle. If there are no drop offs or pick ups at a trailhead, we won’t stop there. Many, many stories of folks that think we just drive around looking for customers. Make a reservation!!
  • We specialize in last second arrangements between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Give us a call, we’ll give you some options.
  • We meet you at your car and drop you off up the trail, you hike back to your car. Trust me. Don’t make me tell you twice.
  • We operate 365 days a year! Really. I get asked if this is true. Yes it is. Seriously.
  • Pictured Rocks Trip Planner. I urge you to read it!! “But I didn’t know….” could make for a miserable, expensive trip. 
  • We know the trail. We’ll help you plan your trip. We’ve actually hiked it numerous times! Those other guys? Well….

Important things to know during our off season (Mid September – Mid May)

  • We REQUIRE PAYMENT & RESERVATION FOUR DAYS IN ADVANCE. Sorry, no walk ups or cash customers
  • Did you know that Pictured Rocks can receive over 300 inches of snow? Snow lingers most years into May. Click here to learn about road closures, winter conditions, etc.
  • H58 is not plowed between Grand Sable Visitor Center and Adams Truck Trail. Feeder roads to traiheads are not plowed (Chapel/Mosquito, Miners Castle/Beach, 12 mile, Hurricane, Log Slide). No, I’m driving a 4×4 vehicle up these roads. They become snowmobile trails in the winter.

2014 Schedule Dates & Rates
Now – May 22nd

4 day advance notice required. Runs only in the mornings. 
Call us to make a reservation 
$1.25 mile for up to four persons; $95 minimum
(Grand Marais to Munising is $145 when H58 is closed; $95 when H58 opens mid-May)
Advance Reservations, pre-paid by Credit Card Only
Sorry, no “day of” pick ups or cash customers
Online reservations available for dates H-58 is open for the season
(currently May 10 – October 15th)

Memorial Day weekend
(May 23-26)

Departs Grand Marais 8:00AM
Departs Munising 10:00 AM

May 26th “Last Chance Shuttle” 700PM departs Grand Sable Visitor Center
and makes a trip to Munising and back to Grand Sable. Must have an reservation.

**24-hour advance notice required**
Online reservations close noon previous day.
Call us with less than 24 hours before departure or day of service


May 27th through Labor Day

(subject to change)

24-hour advance notice required
Online reservations close noon previous day.
Call us with less than 24 hours before departure or day of service
7:00AM Depart Munising Falls EASTBOUND (by special arrangement only…call or email us!)
8:00AM Depart Grand Sable VC WESTBOUND(by special arrangement only…call or email us!)
9:00AM Depart Munising Falls VC EASTBOUND
11:00AM Depart Grand Sable Visitor Center WESTBOUND
1:00 PM Depart Munising EASTBOUND (by special arrangement only…call or email us!)
3:00PM Depart Grand Sable Visitor Center WESTBOUND (by special arrangement only…call or email us)
5:30PM Depart Chapel/Mosquito with stop at Miners area continuing to Munising Falls VC
The 5:30 shuttle is great for day-hikers! Hike from Miners Area to Chapel Parking, we’ll bring you back!
7:00PM Depart Munising Falls to Grand Sable Visitor & Back (round tri1p)
The 700PM shuttle is great for those who have advance reservations starting at Grand Sable the following day! We’ll drop you off at Woodland Beach in Grand Marais. Camp (dine, shop) in town and start your hike in the morning! Did we mention there is a brewery? Lake Superior Brewing Company!  An Outfitter? Grand Marais Outfitters has backpacking equipment! (tell ‘em we sent you!)

2014 pricing

Memorial Day Weekend: $25 person for 8AM & 10AM shuttles.
7;00PM Sunday “Last Chance Shuttle” $60 ea.

Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays (9AM & 11AM departures)
$19 per person. No minimum. We call this our “Super Duper Super Saver”
Less than 24 hours or day of service? Call us. 386.227.7768
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays (9AM & 11AM departures)
$25 per person/Minimum charge $49.50 to run shuttle
 *Minimum charge $98.50 (may apply if you are registering less than 72 hours in advance.
Less than 24 hours or day of service? Call us. 386.227.7768
ALL 7:00AM, 8:00AM, 1:00PM, 3:00PM & 7:00PM Departures
$35 person / $98.50 minimum (covers 2 people).
Check the online system to see if one is already scheduled.
If not, contact us to arrange yours. No discounts.
5:30 PM Day Hiker Special
$20 person
(Chapel/Mosquito to Miners to Munising Falls VC)

Click here to register!

Click here to register!

**Are you “through-hiking”? We MAY be able to pick up and/or drop off outside of Pictured Rocks. Contact us for more info****

The Fine Print (and I didn’t even reduce the font size):

  • **Emergency/Off-Schedule Pick Ups $1.25 mile,  $95 minimum up to two persons, $25 each additional person** This includes if you miss your original shuttle. You will forfeit your original fees and be billed $95 to accommodate you.
  • Changes to your reservation incur a $7.50 charge & late registrations subject to minimum $25 late fee
  • If this is a “shuttle back to your car”, subject to minimum $50 deposit, refunded in full if you make your trailhead at the time you told us you’d be there (does not apply to our 530PM “Dayhiker” rate)
  • We do not stop at trailheads if we don’t have a reservation. Sounds simple enough, but, you’d be surprised….
  • The Interagency Visitor Center and the Beaver Basin Outlook are not trailheads. We do not pick up or drop off there.
  • Rates for any service outside of our posted times/dates/trailheads in Pictured Rocks start at $95 per three people. We can get this cost lower if you work with us. Tell us your situation and we’ll make some recommendations.

Wishing to float a river or hike a trail outside of Pictured Rocks?

Want to schedule a different time than above?
Contact us 1.386.CARSPOT or trailspotters@gmail.com

Charter Pick Ups (“Dude, like, can you come get me right now?”) are $1.25 mile,  $95 minimum covers 2 persons, $25 each additional person
Looking to make a reservation? Consider making it online versus submitting the form below.
Click here to make an online reservation. 



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